Braliz hair straightening spray

Unique straightening formula with active ingredients extracted from the biodiversity of the Brazilian flora, Formaldehyde free.

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BRALIZ is a unique, innovative and effective hair straightener in a spray.WITH BBB | BRAZILIAN BOTANICAL BIOACTIVES. Guarana + Cashew + Brazilian Nuts. USER FRIENDLY: Accurate and economical spray application FAST: Reduction in application and treatment time vs other methods EFFECTIVE: Permanent straightened, smoothed effect SMART: Increased productivity and profit for the professional SAFE: 100% FORMALDEHYDE FREE! BRALIZ also has antioxidant action and improves moisture retention, resulting in enhanced shine and a soft touch to the hair. BRALIZ helps the alignment of hair fibres, repairing and smoothing the hair cuticles. With an easy application process and quick action, BRALIZ offers silky hair with balanced PH and long-lasting straightened effect.

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500ml, 100ml