What is the active ingredient in Braliz that actually straightens the hair?

Braliz works through BBB extracts- Brazilian Botanical Bioactives, and a blend of acids that give the stylist a window of time in which the hair strands can be shaped. At the same time, Braliz also treats the fibres of the hair with conditioning agents that provide softness and shine to the hair. The result is a fantastic straightened hair with natural appearance and astonishing beauty.

What is the technical definition of the process to straighten the hair?

Technically speaking, the straightening is achieved through the acidic pH of the product. The acidic pH enables professionals to align the hair fibres through heat without adding formaldehyde.

Does the Braliz treatment permanently alter the structure of your hair or will it fade after a few months and the original curl/wave will return?

Braliz alters temporarily the structure of the hair fibre. It acts on the links of the hair, allowing a temporary straightening process that will fade with time. Fading time depends on the hair type and maintenance/care products used. After two to three months, the original shape of the hair will be back.

Is it possible to have a slight wave in the hair after using Braliz, so to calm curly hair but not make it poker straight?

Yes. They can do that by applying the straighteners at a lower temperature or by making less ironing repetitions compared to the recommended process.

How do you know if the Braliz straightening treatment was well applied?

After finishing the straightening process, you can rinse and dry the hair with a blow dryer. At the end of the drying procedure, the hair must be straight. If not, repeat the ironing step of the original process. Rinse the hair again and dry it with a blow dryer until the hair is completely dry and straightened. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary as the product remains active in the hair until it is washed with shampoo.

Braliz is a thermo active straightener. What does that mean?

That means after washing the hair at home, the hair will not be completely straight. It is necessary to dry the hair with a blow dryer to activate the straightened memory of the hair. With the blow dryer, the straight effect is enhanced, the hair is soft and shiny.

Is the iron type important?

Yes, very important as the following characteristics must be present:

  • The iron must have large plates
  • The iron should preferably be titanium made
  • The iron must have a constant temperature

If the result of the treatment is not satisfactory, what are the possible causes?

  • The distribution of product in the hair was not sufficient
  • The iron had an insufficient temperature
  • The division of the hair for ironing and size of hair sections was greater than 1.5cm (0.6 inches)
  • The ironing process was done too quickly or with insufficient repetitions, i.e. the straighteners were passed through each section of hair too quickly

If the ironing process creates too much smoke, what was the problem?

Either the process was not followed properly, such as ironing without rinsing the hair, or the hair was not sufficiently rinsed and dried before the ironing process.

Why does the product turn white in the hair when applied?

This means there was too much product applied which the hair can no longer absorb. The efficiency and the process of the treatment remain the same and the excess will simply be rinsed away.